Shippensburg Animal Hospital


Meet Our Veterinarians

Get to know our team of veterinarians here at Shippensburg Animal Hospital by reading their staff bios, so that you, and your pet, can be assured that you will have the best care possible for any of your pet’s health needs!

Medical Director at Shippensburg Animal Hospital

John Stoner, DVM, Medical Director

I graduated from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1985. I moved to Shippensburg in 1988 after practicing in Connecticut for three years. Originally operating the Mt. Rock Animal Hospital, I acquired Shippensburg Animal Hospital from Dr. John Fague in 1989 and moved it to its present location in 1994.

I enjoy working with farm animals as well as dogs and cats with particular interests in farm animal reproduction and small animal orthopedic surgery. I also enjoy managing the hospitals and watching them grow, including our third location, Allen Road Veterinary Clinic, in Carlisle which we opened in 2004. We completed a major remodeling of the Shippensburg Animal Hospital in the spring of 2012 and most recently we have entered into a partnership with Community Veterinary Partners to help manage and run the hospitals. This arrangement allows me more time to practice medicine and more freedom in my personal life.

I live in Shippensburg with my wife, as well as four dogs and a cat. I spend my free time relaxing, travelling with my family, gardening, biking, and caring for my small registered herd of Angus beef cattle in Cleversburg.

Vet in Shippensburg Pennsylvania

Deb Buchanan, VMD

I grew up in Potter County surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, and cows. I received my veterinary training at the University of Pennsylvania and was in the same graduating class as Dr. Weeks. After 2 years of practicing in Erie (the snow called to me), I moved to Perry county and have been practicing in the Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg area since 1997. I joined the Shippensburg family of hospitals in December of 2013. I especially enjoy soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, but also find joy in helping pet parents solve problems that make it more difficult to fully enjoy our furry friends- the itchy dog, the chewing puppy, the cat that yowls at 2am; you know the ones.

I live in Shermansdale with a blue tick coonhound puppy, Mosey. We enjoy hiking and working in the garden or yard. I also enjoy playing the drums and kayaking. I look forward to meeting you and your furry companions.

Cumberland Valley Veterinarian

Chris Pinney, VMD

I grew up in central Virginia, attending the University of Virginia as an undergraduate. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. As a mixed animal practitioner, I treat both small and large animals. My wife is Noelle Weeks, a fellow veterinarian in this practice. Together we have four dogs, three cats, and six fish.

Professionally, I am particularly interested in small animal surgery (soft tissue and orthopedic). In my spare time, I design, build, and fly model airplanes, play and build banjos, and am interested in 19th and early 20th century European history.

Vet near Shippensburg PA

Noelle Weeks, VMD

I graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1995, and have worked at Shippensburg Animal Hospital since July 1998. I am married to Dr. Chris Pinney. We have four dogs: Nina, a complex mutt; Binkley, a Yorkshire Terrier; Izzi, a Labrador Retriever; and Gilbert, a Golden Retriever. We also have two cats. To relax, I play with the dogs; we hike and compete in various dog sports.

When I’m not entertaining the dogs, I try to care for my growing back yard. When the weather is no fun to be outdoors, I try to find various crafts to keep me busy.