Moving Preparedness with Animals

Moving, although incredibly, ridiculously stressful, is a momentous occasion.  For me, I will be moving from a borough with barely any land to a property with wide open space; almost two acres!  My beagle Hunter is going to love sniffing and rolling on every square centimeter of our yard.  I have done so much planning for this move, but never took into consideration what kind of outcome this would have on Hunter and my two cats.

Through the packing process, Hunter has started acting out behaviorally, even more so than his typical ornery beagle self.  For instance, last Sunday while packing he managed to jump up on the counter and eat a pack of tic tacs (not toxic by the way), got into the cat food (that’s not so good), and tore open a packed away box to eat ALL of his treats (holy GI distress).

Moral of my story, don’t forget that moving affects your pets too!  Now that I’m cognizant of how packing everything up is upsetting Hunter in particular, I am using natural calming remedies to ease his anxiety from this environmentally-induced stress.  The product I am currently using is Adaptil, which uses synthetic pheromones to simulate the pheromones the mother releases after giving birth to make their puppies feel safe and calm.  For the cats, come moving day I will have Feliway on hand, which is similar to its canine counterpart in that the active ingredient mimics a natural facial pheromone to promote a feeling of security.

With this new found awareness, I am and will be equipped with the comforting remedies to hopefully soothe both Hunter and my cats to aid with a less stressful housing transition, at least for them.

If you’re in the process of moving or want more information about these or other remedies you can use to comfort you pet, feel free to give us a call!