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Consider Pet Insurance Today

If you have visited any of our three locations lately, you may have noticed some signs and brochures on pet insurance.  Pet insurance companies have been around for years, but are becoming increasingly popular as policies change to better suit pet needs.

Many animals are viewed more as a family member than just a pet, and with this perspective, pet parents want to give their animals the best care they possibly can.  Pet insurance isn’t an investment opportunity, but rather allows us and pet owners the peace of mind in case their fur baby ever gets sick or requires urgent care.  Statistically, pet insurance reimburses pet owners up to 90% of veterinary costs, and due to the many plans and coverage options, owners can choose the best plan based on their pet’s age, hereditary status, and present health condition.

Pet insurance can be very overwhelming, as there are so many options to choose from!  To assist with making the best decision for your pets, our hospitals recommend three companies that we feel offer the best plans suited to your pet’s needs.  These companies are Petplan Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, and Trupanion. 

To learn more about what these organizations can provide for your family, please visit their websites at,, and, or call us today at 717-532-5413.